Namaste in the Mountains

Class Descriptions

We offer a variety of classes for ALL levels.

Slow Flow: This class is for anyone interested in refining their knowledge of postures and alignment and basic breath work. While we move through foundational standing and seated postures, strong verbal cues and deeper explanation is given.                                    

Vinyasa Flow: Enjoy a creative flow sequence that incorporates postures from all families of asana. After a quick warmup, we'll heat the body with sun salutations, move into a fun standing series, and then take it to the floor. 

Fit & Flow: This class is for anyone looking to add a great workout to their yoga practice. Expect sun salutations combined with strength building, followed by a vigorous standing sequence that may move quickly or include long holds. There will be twists, balancing, backbends, and inversions. After working up a good sweat you'll be rewarded with some zen at the end.

Ashtanga Flow: Consists of a sequence of postures taken from the primary series flow developed by K. Pattabhi Jois. The intention is that by giving the students a set sequence, they will learn to gain both the spiritual and physiological benefits of yoga. This is an alignment based class that will help you build strength and flexibility with proper form. 

Revive & Restore: This class begins with a half hour of an energizing Vinyasa Flow. We then slow down the class to explore some of our more gentle yoga postures. This is then followed by an extra long rest at the end of class. It is appropriate for all levels of yoga practitioners.

Yin: This is a great class for those looking to slow down a bit and counter act a rigorous yoga practice. Class will include deep stretching, breath work, adaptations to poses and the use of props to provide complete support in certain poses. This class targets the joints and deep tissues.

YinYasa: A half hour of Yin combined with a half hour of Flow... In this class, you will receive the best of both worlds! During the yin portion you can expect long, strong (mostly seated) holds which promote flexibility, increased range of motion, and circulation in the joints. The yang portion of the class begins with sun salutations and includes a fun standing flow.